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robolitious I loved Mike's projects growing up and now play in a band with a similar theme to this. Great minds think alike I guess? Favorite track: Hey, Bruce Springsteen, What's a Speedball?.
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Leading off is music. That grand, universal language that permeates our lives. Music breaks down into genres, which really only demonstrates how diverse and rewarding music can be. Genres divide into sub-genres, which tighten the bonds between common fans. Sub-genres splinter into scenes, which further sliver via social circles, geography, and in this case, topic. We are left with bands whose existence are a singular purpose, further unifying like-minded artists and audiences. Wizard Rock, Narcocorrido, and Pirate Metal (look 'em up) are but a few examples, as well as, of course, Songs About Baseball. (Boy, we really need a better moniker to compete with those others!)

To have such precision allows for the topic to be explored in depth. And because of (not in spite of) the ensuing minutiae, the listener's reaction is "Yes! I know exactly what they mean!" At this level of artistry, superficial doesn't cut it, and posers are immediately rejected. Furthermore, for the band to actually be good, well... one can't simply have musicians who happen to like baseball, or baseball fans that happen to be musicians. You need that perfect combo where the best of both worlds come together.

Enter Vista Blue.

With 120+ years, thousands of players, and a couple hundred thousand games under its belt, baseball has depth like you wouldn’t believe. Triumph, scandal, redemption – it’s all part of our national pastime, but baseball isn’t merely about world champions, headline news, and feel-good stories. For most of us, it’s about playing in a rec league, arguing with friends and fair-weather fans, and finding a comfortable sitting position in the bleachers. Vista Blue shine a light into those little corners of baseball, the charming nuances that evoke memories of chain-link fences, sharing your glove with someone on the other team, and (hopefully not) getting picked last at the neighborhood game.

To have a release filled with bottom-of-the-9th clichés and bland tunes does a disservice to both institutions. Punk pop fans deserve their gems, and baseball lovers have earned their soundtrack. Luckily we now have Wonderband to give us both. Happy Opening Day!

- Mark Hughson


released April 1, 2017

"We have two lives... The life we learn with and the life we live with after that." - Bernard Malamud, The Natural

Recorded by Mike and Mark in Nashville in March 2017. All songs written by Vista Blue.

Contact us at: radiantradish@yahoo.com



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Vista Blue Nashville, Tennessee

Vista Blue is a rock band based in Nashville and Cincinnati. Rooted in New Orleans, members have played in The Loblaws (Mutant Pop), Second Saturday (Excellent Records), and The Robinsons (One Eye, Mooster, Killer Records). Influences include: Beatles, Beach Boys, Ramones, Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, MTX, Queers, Apples, etc. ... more

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