Vista Blue | Grim Deeds - Split

by Vista Blue

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released July 5, 2017

Track 1 by Vista Blue. Track 2 by Grim Deeds. Recorded in Tennessee and California in July 2017.



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Vista Blue Nashville, Tennessee

Vista Blue is a rock band based in Nashville and Cincinnati. Rooted in New Orleans, members have played in The Loblaws (Mutant Pop), Second Saturday (Excellent Records), and The Robinsons (One Eye, Mooster, Killer Records). Influences include: Beatles, Beach Boys, Ramones, Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, MTX, Queers, Apples, etc. ... more

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Track Name: This One's Not About You
I know I've written all those songs about all those things you do
I've sung of how I love you and how I hope you love me too
I've filled notebooks full of lyrics, that much is true
But this one, this one's not about you

I wrote a song called "Pulchritudinous" to describe how you look
There's one about just what you're worth to me, it's called "Blue Book"
I've written you rock operas and rock acrostics too
But this one, this one's not about you

This song won't even mention
How you attain my attention
How you're always on the brink of
My thoughts and all I think of
This time I won't obsess on
How you manage to press on
Despite knowing how things are going
This one's not about you this time

No one wants to hear another verse about what you mean to me
I've got enough songs about you for a career discography
I've got A sides, B sides, live stuff, and some outtakes too
But this one, this one's not about you
Yeah this one, this one's not about you
Yeah even this one
Even this one is still about you...
Track Name: Grim Deeds - Halloween
Fifteen years have come and gone
Since I last saw you standing at my door
Drunk and desperate I let you in
When you came crawling back for more

In the morning no embrace
Just a weird look on your face
As you hurried to the elevator dazed
I never saw you after that
But now I know I shouldn’t be amazed

You traveled round the world because
You needed to explore, to know yourself
I married someone gentle, had a child with her
And now there’s no one else

But the memories remain
Like an old injury’s pain
Dull at first but ever present in my mind
The future’s looking bright
Yet I still struggle just to leave the past behind